What are the 5 features that any field service app should have?

A field service app allows office-based and mobile workers to access information regarding clients, upcoming jobs and equipment. Different software vendors prioritise various features on their apps depending on their primary client focus. Below are some features of field service apps that most field service software vendors include:

1. Visibility of Upcoming Work

A good field service app should provide mobile and office workers with the ability to see upcoming work, filter and sort the jobs depending on status and easily edit or start the work with the click of a button. Good field service apps should allow mobile workers to filter out only their jobs and allow office workers to filter jobs based on current status, age, assigned technician and customer.

2. Recurring Jobs

A good field service app allows users to schedule recurring jobs that automatically recur and notify workers and clients that the job is scheduled. Users should have flexibility in setting the recurring timeframe (weekly, monthly, annually, etc).

3. Automated Emails

Field service apps should allow the setting of automated email templates based on the type of workflow. e.g. send an email when completing an invoice, send an email once a job is completed successfully. The app should allow for placeholder text in the email that is replaced with actual data from the job card, quote, invoice, etc.

4. Mobile App for field Workers

This one’s a bit of a given but a field service app should include a mobile app for field workers to navigate to, complete jobs, get signatures, take notes and various other tasks relating to the job

5. Communication between back office and field workers

A good field service app should provide seamless integration of the app used by your back office and mobile workforce. Any updates done of the road should automatically reflect on the desktop app and vice-versa

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