How To Improve Your Customer Service Levels Using Technology

In this article I refer to jobs in the sense of call-outs or remote work done for clients but the article also applies to deliveries, repairs and support tickets

More than ever, customers are expecting better and better customer service. This is due, largely, to the impact of the Internet on our lives, and disruptive technologies and ideas such as Amazon, Uber and Deliveroo. Whenever the leading companies pioneer a new way to improve customer service, so, all customers come to expect this as the de facto standard for all customer service. If you meet this standard, you are now average and if you rely on old, antiquated methods you will be seen as such.

If this sounds daunting, don’t worry. Good customer service is not just about delivering goods within 24 hours or having a 24/7 helpdesk (and to be honest, most customers don’t expect that). Good customer service is making a promise and sticking to that promise, and if anything goes wrong along the way, to let the client know.

Luckily, there are methods and tools available to automate many of the processes that staff normally did in the past.

Automated Emails and Text Messages

Most workflow and customer service systems include automated emails and text messages. These systems can set to send out an email or text message when a new job is created, completed or changes statuses in-between. This way your client is kept in the loop at stages of the job. Not only does this create a great experience for your clients, it also reduces the load on your staff, who no longer have to email the client for every change.

Multiple channels for incoming tickets and support queries

1Phone calls are only one channel for incoming support queries. These days technology allows for multiple channels to make it easy for your clients to raise tickets. These can include:

  1. Email to tickets – Give your clients a dedicated support address that automatically creates tickets within your support software.

2. Web form to ticket – A dedicated form on your website that clients can complete to raise a ticket in your support software (great for guiding the client to fill in the correct information)

Automated escalation of overdue jobs

In order to consistently meet deadlines set by management or clients, it is a must to automatically notify managers when a particular job is running over its allotted time. The notification can be in the form of an email or a text so that the manager can urgently address the situation. Keeping the client informed of any issues is also a must at this stage as well.

Having all client interactions on hand when taking calls

A great customer support system includes information that allows support staff to make informed decisions when dealing with customer queries. Information such as: are there previous tickets for this same issue? Is the client’s account up-to-date? What is the warranty on the unit? This sort of critical information assists the support person but also gives the client as sense that they are dealing with a competent company that knows them and their problem.

Giving customers a portal to view the status of jobs

The last item is completely voluntary and based on your knowledge of your clients. For some companies, allowing clients to have their own portal to login and view the status of jobs is a must. Especially in industries such as where there are multiple active jobs per client. Some clients prefer not to have the hassle of logging in to a website and would prefer to receive automated emails. It is advisable to gauge the response of clients to such a system.

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