The service maintenance industry is not like it used to be. Long gone are the days of mechanics and plumbers writing out an invoice in triplicate in front of you. They also do not have a little notebook of client information that can easily be lost anymore. These days even the most old-fashioned tradesman will have some sort of technology at his disposal, whether it be a calendar on their phone or simply a contact list.


Technology can be so much more to tradespeople though, from dispatching to invoicing and everything in-between, mobile and web applications can provide great improvements in efficiency for all trades, from one-man-shows to large organisations


What Is Job Scheduling and Dispatching Software?

Quite simply, as the name suggests, job scheduling and dispatch software allow on-site technicians to be scheduled and dispatched via a central web-based system from wherever your office may be (or not be). The technicians have an app on their mobile phones where they receive the jobs, can navigate to the job, start and close off the jobs and a host of other features in between such as capturing pictures and completing checklists. Intelliserve does all this and much more, and is designed from the ground up for the service industry.


Here is how your revenue will increase


1. Greater Efficiency

Your technicians will be able to complete more jobs in the same amount of time as before because all the information they require is in front of them when needed. They will be able to get to jobs quicker using the built-in navigation feature of the app and close off jobs and, invoice without having to manually complete and duplicate paperwork.


2. Your office staff will be more informed

With your technician's schedules in front of them and available at a glance as well as having real-time access to job statuses as technicians complete them, your back-office staff will be able to better serve the technicians and the company and lead to greater levels of efficiency


3. Better Customer Service

Your customers are more likely to do future business with you once you have given them a superior service the first time due to greater control over your support and scheduling aspects. The ability to easily communicate with clients and manage their expectations leads to a favourable experience of your services from their point-of-view


4. Spend more time on growing your business

When you have more time to focus on aspects such as business strategy and marketing instead of managing jobs, you can grow your business exponentially. Focussing on the big picture allows you to pinpoint possible pitfalls and opportunities better than before.


5. Lower admin costs (and a greener business)

IntelliServe allows your business to operate paperlessly. From the mobile app which allows capturing of all information relating to a job and the completion thereof to the web application exporting your reports to PDF, you will be able to do away with the endless and inefficient paper trails, nevermind not having to search through files anymore to find past jobs and warranty information